First Rewards

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The Rewards Program That Gives You More

First Rewards is a unique loyalty programme designed for FGB Credit Card members. Every time you use your FGB Credit Card, you're on your way to earning free, exciting rewards.

Bonus Points

Earn double First Reward Points every time you use your FGB Credit Card at any supermarket or departmental store in the UAE or on all purchases internationally.

  • First Rewards Bonus points at any Supermarkets and Departmental stores in UAE shall be awarded on minimum spends of AED 400.
  • For international purchases the Bonus First Rewards points shall be awarded for a minimum cumulative spend of AED 500 and maximum spend of AED 20,000 during a given month.
  • The card must be active, not overdue or over limit. Regular payments must be made.
  • Bonus First Rewards points will be credited in the following month of the transactions.
  • First Rewards program terms and conditions apply.

Talk for Free

The first rewards programme that pays all your utility bills. This allows you to redeem your points against du (Mobile, Call Select - Landline, TV & Broadband), Etisalat (Wasel, Al Shamil, Dial up, Landline, GSM or E-vision), ADDC, AADC, DEWA, SEWA, Pehla, Showtime, Orbit and RTA.

  • Customers should pay the utility bill via FGB Credit Card and call in for redemption. Transactions in current statement will only be eligible for redemptions.
  • Maximum redemption capped to AED 250 per month.
  • Program can be changed by the bank at any time with or without notice.
  • First Rewards & Portfolio terms and conditions apply.

How to Earn First Reward Points?

Earn First Reward Points every time you use your card, locally or worldwide. For every Dirham you spend or its equivalent in foreign currency, you will get one First Reward Point. The number of First points you accumulate appear in your monthly statement. All spends on your supplementary card(s) also earn you points. From March 2016 onwards, First Reward Points are valid for 3 years from the date of accumulation. Collect and redeem them for rewards, faster than any other program in the market, whenever you wish!

How to Redeem Your First Reward Points?

Choose from hundreds of rewards vouchers for jewellery, personal accessories, electronics and more at Abu Dhabi Mall, Khalidiya Mall, Cine Royal Cinemas, Lulu, Paris Gallery, Mc Donald's and other popular destinations.

Then call 600 525500 indicating your choice of reward(s). Our Customer Service Officer will assist you in processing the redemption.

We will either send you the Rewards directly or send you a letter that entitles you to collect it from a specified outlet.

  • The Redemption voucher will be valid for 180 days from the date of issuance
  • The voucher will not be replaced if lost or stolen
  • The complete voucher amount should be used in one transaction. If the purchase value is lower than the face value of the voucher, no refund/credit will be given
  • If the purchase value is more than the face value of the voucher, the excess amount should be paid on the FGB card
  • The Redemption voucher cannot be used with any other discount
  • The Redemption vouchers for Jewelry store cannot be used for Gold bars/coins.
  • FGB and participating partners terms and conditions apply